Excellent Feasting!!

Will - Aberdeen

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay at the Lighthouse, it was a fantastic experience, just as the website told me it would be! I did feel very much at home - and your cooking was amazing! 

Annie - Nottingham


'We are truly grateful for your kindness and the warmth you bestowed upon us. The food and hospitality was outstanding! This will certainly be a holiday that we will remember for the rest of our lives and an experience second to none.

No restaurant in the world could compare with the culinary delights created in the kitchen! The accommodation is just magic, it has great energy yet remains a peaceful sanctuary. We felt very much at home.'

Jeanette - Wanganui, New Zealand

'Not a day goes by I don't think of our trip and especially our stay on the isle with you folks. How magnificent it all was. It is difficult trying to explain to someone here how life works where you are and the beauty of the land and water but it is firmly engrained in my memory so that's all that counts. We appreciated your hospitality and especially the warm comfy and casual atmosphere. And of course I can't forget your delicious cooking! Nobody gets up here to the smell of warm rolls for breakie!! Our whole trip was unbelievable and truly a trip of a life time. Thank you again for helping to make this trip "the dream that came true". We hope to meet again.'  Nancy - Ontario

'Our holiday is starting to feel like a long time ago but I think we all continue to feel that life is better for having been to Fair Isle.  The way you looked after us was part of that...'  Heather - Suffolk

'The short time I had on Fair Isle was made all the better for your kind consideration and wonderful food. Many thanks'  Irene - London

May I once more thank you for all your kindness and hospitality during my recent stay. In particular can I congratulate you on the vegan cooking, par excellence!  Douglas - Edinburgh 

'We stayed at the lighthouse in August and sampled your wonderful cheese muffins/scones but have not been able to replicate them.  Tried several recipes but not as good as yours - would you be able to send us the recipe - many thanks.'  Jeanne - Cumbria 

'My tummy's so full I can't even burp!' Lennie (age 6) - Leicester

'We lost our heart to Fair Isle and most of it was due to your wonderful hospitality and delicious meals at such regular intervals.' Joanna - West London

'Believe me, in my experience the South Light is not so much a B+B as holistic therapy! The food, the conversation, the walking, the sleep did me a power of good.' Patrick - Cambridge

'Thank you for the great stay and all the attention you mothered us with. Special thanks once again to for making the effort with the gluten-free bannocks and making sure I was never hungry.' Yolanda - Shetland

'...There comes a time in life when, totally unbeknown to you, you find a place that lets you forget all the dross of life, dross that drains you of all that's precious to you and, lets you return to how you really are and so want to remain. That therapy was given to us by The South Light House and the wonderful care given to us.
The unforgettable silence save for the sound of the sea crashing onto the rocks, birds singing, good walking, what more does a person need?
The warmth you give to your guests is unforgettable, likewise the fabulous food so lovingly created every day gives anyone, who has the good fortune to stay with you, an experience they will never ever forget.'
John and Margaret - Cumbria


'a massive thank you for all the kindness and hospitality you showed me. I'm sure I've never stayed anywhere where I've been quite so well fed! I've been singing your praises ever since...'  Karen - North London


'VERRUKKELIJK!Ad - Beuningen, Netherlands


'For me it was an escape for a week and you are truly blessed living where you do. The only place I have ever felt that I had totally escaped and I thankyou from the bottom of my heart.' Carole - Telford 


Thank you for the wonderful short visit you afforded us last August, you set a high bar for the 14 other bed & breakfasts at which we stayed during our vacation in Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland.

There was one fellow in Oban and a couple in Sligo who came close, but your haute cuisine and practical lunches were tops. Ken - USA









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