Sheep in the hills!

by Angela Rees - 21:54 on 19 January 2010

I know I said it was my resolution to write a daily blog but I have been busy! People often ask me what do I find to do in the winter and I answer  - lots! More on that another time but this year has been busier than most because since September I have been housing some of the workmen who are building the island's new bird observatory. The building is coming along very nicely and they should be finishesd before the end of March - and then it will be all systems go getting the Lighthouse ready for the first of the summer visitors.

The weather here remains not too bad and we are stilll escaping the worst of the conditions down south, true we have had a couple of our usual winter storms passsing  through giving us some very dramatic seas for a few day - but we are used to those and we have had some fine bright days too.

The sheep are getting their winter supplement feed now - having had their encouters with the local rams in November many of them are starting to show signs of being pregnant. So with their increasing appetites and association of humans with food it is not uncommon at present to have a string of them following when I am out for a walk. So this coupled with the wonderful light we get at this time of the year makes being out and about very pleasant.

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