Green Flash!!

by Josie - 21:58 on 11 January 2010

Well here we are, it's January 11th already! Christmas is now so well and truly over that the final pine needles have  been removed from the carpet and even the most furtive of lurking cards have now been taken down. So it's time to put into practise my new year resolution to write a daily blog about life here.

 Fair Isle always is a special place and while today the rest of Britain has been experiencing particularly severe wintry conditions, here it has remained relatively benign - due in no small part to our being surrounded by the final remnants of the Gulf Stream but also due to the fact that we are sitting in another weather system. So, no snow, very little ice and a gloriously sunny day.

 Mind you all that very cold weather down south has brought some benefit up here. I am very lucky to be living in one of the very few places in Britain where it is possible to every day see the sun rise and set at the horizon. To the west there is nothing but three thousand miles of open ocean and America with the result that we are able to see the Green Flash at sunset on a fairly regular basis.

The Green Flash occurs when the final point of the sun as it sets turns green. In order for the effect to work you need a clear view of the horizon and clean air. In most parts of the world it is considered a rare phenomenon but here we see it several times a year. A much rarer sight is to see it happen at sunrise - but today, thanks to that cold air below us, I saw it. 

The clear nights have meant we have had some wonderfully starry skies recently. We are blest with some of the best seeing conditions in the country with no light pollution. Being on a remote island does have its advantages 

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